If you’ve got a modern PWC onboard your yacht it’s likely to have either Seadoos IBR or the Yamahas RIDE system. Both have dual level controls where the left hand lever works the reverse function.

The Yamaha RIDE system works as follows:

  • Forward gear & acceleration – right lever
  • Reverse gear & acceleration – left lever

The Seadoo system works in a similar way but acceleration is provided by the right lever only in forward & reverse.

Many yacht crew are being requested to modify one of the Yachts PWCs for flyboard use. This necessitates removing the reverse bucket/ gate.

Engineers & crew should be aware that not only does a PWC with the Yamaha RIDE system lose its reverse function when operating without the hose attached, it will also accelerate forward with both the left & right levers.

It is considered that this could be potentially dangerous when riders are switching between a fully functioning and flyboard adapted PWC being used normally.