New Speed limit Cap D’antibes

On May 17, 2018, a prefectural decree (# 086/2018) has just been filed by the Maritime Prefecture of the Mediterranean. This decree regulates the speed at sea around Cap d’Antibes.
In an area defined by virtual points (geographic coordinates), the speed is now limited to 10 knots. The speed remaining always limited to 5 knots in the band of 300 meters.
Limitation de vitesse au Cap d'Antibes
To justify this choice, the prefecture relies on the high number of boats sailing in the area, on the presence of an anchorage area, on a serious accident that has already occurred and on the proximity of major marinas.
Limiting the speed near the coast is a good thing for the safety and comfort (sound) of all. This is for example the case in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, a geographical area easy to delimit. But for the Cap d’Antibes, it will not be easy for boaters to realize if they sail or not in the restricted area … No buoys will be installed to delimit this area.
Here is the list and the coordinates of the points to save well in your GPS if you navigate in the zone …
Point A43°33,174’N007°08,669’E
Point B43°33,142’N007°09,392’E
Point C43°32,710’N007°09,373’E
Point D43°31,992’N007°08,066’E
Point E43°32,036’N007°06,679’E
Point F43°32,424’N007°06,289’E
Point G43°33,016’N007°06,331’E
Point H43°32,980’N007°07,078’E